A few words about insurance companies

When you are asking any insurance company to pay you money for injury or property damage, they consider you a “claimant.” They will try to pay you as little as possible.  Insurance company claims adjusters are trained to minimize what the company will pay to you and they use tactics to make you feel bad about even asking for compensation for your losses.

Attorneys are the only professionals dedicated to protecting your interests when you have been injured in a collision. You can be a driver, passenger or pedestrian and I am ready to be your lawyer against these very powerful and profitable insurance companies. I will serve as your agent against the insurance company.

Personal Injury

Automobile Accidents
If you are involved in an automobile accident do you expect your insurance company to take care of you and your claim? Your insurance agent may be helpful in getting your claim started, but agents do not settle personal injury claims. Your insurance company assigns your case to a claims adjuster who has been aggressively trained to settle your claims for as little money as possible.

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