Did you know…

Did you know that if your child is accused of a crime, the effects can be a part of criminal record for life?

All criminal laws apply to children and Measure 11 can affect children as young as 15. Measure 11 provides that your child could be locked up in prison for up to 100 months (8 years 4 months) or more.

Criminal charges against children can impact their futures by prohibiting entry into the military and entry into certain professions (medicine, law, accounting, investment counselor, securities license, etc.).

Juvenile Law

With 37 years of practicing law in Salem, I have had a special interest in representing kids in trouble with the law. No one ever thinks their child would be mixed up with the law, but it happens.

Where do you turn to find someone to represent your child? I have defended kids in trouble for years. The court system and the rules are different for kids and your child needs a lawyer from the first moment there is any contact with the police or the juvenile department. Do not hesitate to call if your child is in trouble. We can help.

You may never have had the experience of having your child in trouble with the law. It is shocking for parents to see the police question their child. Do not hesitate, your child needs an attorney immediately. If fact, from the moment the police arrive you should tell the police that your client will not speak to them without their attorney present. You may be in shock, but your child needs help. The police will STOP if they are told that an attorney must be present. Your child should be able to say this directly to the police, even if you are not there to tell them.

You may not know all the answers, but you can help yourself and your child by calling us to represent your child. Juvenile law is a unique area of study and practice. Only a small percentage of all lawyers work in this area and I have worked in this area for over 25 years. There are very few lawyers with the amount of experience I have in juvenile law.

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