We have been representing the interests of men and women in divorce cases for years. The issues of divorce are as complicated as they are emotionally difficult and there are no easy answers.

Custody, child support, spousal support, division of assets and debts, retirement accounts and small businesses are all issues that must be dealt with in divorce.

Divorce is a difficult topic to talk about. We have been helping men and women come to grips with the reality of divorce through seasoned, consistent and sound legal advice. It is so easy to think merely in terms of winning and losing when it comes to a divorce. However, the law of Oregon applies to both the husband and wife in divorce cases and does not provide for either favorable or unfavorable treatment just because you are the husband or wife.

We can assist you in understanding the process of divorce. It may not be easy, but you need not be uninformed. We are experienced and ready to help you during this time.

Who gets custody of the kids? What’s the difference between joint and sole custody? Will I receive or will I have to pay spousal support? Does that affect child support? Who pays the ongoing bills? How about the house? The retirement accounts?

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General Divorce Questions

• How do we split our personal property?
• What is spousal support, and will I get it?
• My ex is bound to hide assets, what can I do?
• I need my ex’s medical insurance… help?
• Why use a lawyer? I’ve got a book on do-it-yourself divorce.
• How do I prepare to leave my spouse?
• My ex took all money from our joint account. What can I do?
• What will this whole thing cost?

Divorce and Kids

• Will I get custody of my children?
• What is joint custody anyway?
• When does joint custody work best?
• What’s this “Children Coping With Divorce” class?
• She wants to move to another state – how will I see the kids?
• What is a typical visitation plan/parenting time schedule?
• What is mediation and why do we have to do it?
• Am I ready for mediation?
• How much child support will I get?
• My ex abused us; I don’t want him seeing the kids. What do I do?
• I can’t wait for settlement – I need child support now!
• How can I help my kids deal with our divorce?

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General Divorce FAQ

Divorce & Kids FAQ